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Using our specialist in-house team and partnering with the best in global software development brands our software services include design, development integration and testing. We work alongside business owners and IT teams to efficiently deliver both bespoke and packaged solutions that helps free up time and quickly achieve business objectives.

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Bran Systems take pride in the fact that they have a strong, core team and an excellent track record. We maintain time and cost-conscious project management, as well as the professional execution of projects; bringing top quality service to our customers.



We have developed, implemented and supported a plant-wide Vehicle Tracking Solution with RFID.

Most automotive plants are divided into different areas of production of the vehicle (see Figure 3: Overview Automotive Plant).

We offer an integrated solution that will track the vehicle during production from the body shop, through to the paint shop, until final assembly prior to wheel fitment.

Tracking is via an RFID tag fitted to the vehicle. The body follows a fixed route on skids and is tracked at fixed locations via a stationary reader at that location, which reads the tag and sends the information to the tracking computer or PLC system.

The system feeds sub-assembly areas to promote JIT production and interfaces with robots and other plant systems to deliver real-time vehicle information to the shop floor. Lastly, it features full diagnostics and fault logging, including alerts via SMS/email. 


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