Is investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System the right thing to do in an uncertain economy?

Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

Some businesses will scale back in uncertain times, some will invest in software that helps them grow now and the thrive in the future

The South African economy seems to be experiencing a further slowdown. The Covid 19 pandemic is putting more stress on the country’s financial well-being which was already under pressure coming into the 2020 pandemic. And it is not just here, we have yet to see how this pandemic will affect the global economy in the short and long term. We have yet to see how this plays out but most experts agree the future economy is uncertain at best.

thinking about investing in erp

One such investment that has proven time and again to make operations more efficient in the short term and help businesses be ready for times of growth is IT enterprise solutions, especially ERP

Let’s look further into this

Some organisations may be looking into their forward budgets and devising ways to cut costs to help them through this latest downturn and uncertainty. However, some organisations will be looking at where making an investment can help them in the short term and leave them in a strong position when the cycle is starting to show signs of improvement.

One such investment that has proven time and again to make operations more efficient in the short term and help businesses be ready for times of growth is IT enterprise solutions, especially ERP

ERP systems bring better visibility to all an organisation’s different departments and helps create efficiencies in interdepartmental collaboration and therefore overall business operations.

Time is a valuable resource

It is prudent for any business to ensure it has a well-planned budget for uncertain economic times. Investing in a new IT system may seem counterproductive to seeing you through some tough times.  Cash is, of course, a very valuable resource made more important when the economy is slow but some businesses overlook another valuable resource and which is time. As the old saying goes time = money. 

It is true that when business is slow employees have more time on their hands, good business leaders will see this as an opportunity or at the very least have it on the table when making future plans.

It is also true that better efficiencies that ERP systems can bring will also create more time. Although with an ERP system you will have better insights, more accurate data, all departments working better together plus improved efficiencies in many areas of your business operations. Not only will your employees have more time but they will be more productive with that time providing you a better return on their time investment.

 Having time also helps when it comes to making new changes in your organisation. The process for implementing a new ERP system for example is improved and delivered faster when the team can dedicate more time focus to the project at hand. At Bran Systems our focus will be 100% on your ERP implementation and we want to work very closely with your team to ensure that all steps are delivered to the very best 

Before you cut think about the future

We are also there for you during the decision-making process too. When it’s time for your company to review your business needs and evaluate the different solutions available for you we offer our expertise and knowledge with a no-obligation free business review to investigate whether an ERP system is right for you and what benefits it can bring.

In summary, economies are always cyclical moving from the good times to the tough times back to good times again. If your business evaluates and invests in improved IT systems it will better prepare you for fast growth when the economic cycle moves into better times.

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