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Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

10 new Administration feature highlights for the soon to be released SAP Business One version 10.0

The tenth version of the brilliant Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) SAP Business One will be launched in 2020. The team at SAP have been busy developing a whole host of new and improved features. Many features are in pace with new developments in enterprise technology like machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to better connect organisations across these emerging trends. 

Other new developments are for better usability and administration functionality. Here we will talk a little more about new features and improvements for the teams that administer your SAP Business One solution


A New icon and menu option under the View menu enables the showing or hiding of the toolbar. Now users can enlarge the working area by hiding the toolbar making company information more clearer for the user. 

In version 10 you can now easily switch between company databases in one easy step by clicking on your company button at the top of the screen and choosing the database you want to view.

sap b1 iNTERFACE

New User Interface


More connected businesses are using Office 365 for better off-site efficiency and productivity. In SAP Business One version 10 you will be able to export reports, documents and queries into your Microsoft OneDrive to be available for online viewing in Microsoft Word and Excel files.

sap b1 oFFICE 365

Office 365 Intergration


Version 10 makes the approval process fast, simple and flexible. Features include:

  • New setting enables approvers to update the draft document in Pending status 
  • Last Updated By and Last Updated On fields are now available within the Request for Generation Approval form 
  • Approval Status Report now contains Draft Updated By, Draft Update Date, Draft Update Time, and Draft Remarks fields 
  • Both the authorizer and the originator can add the document for approval
sap b1 oFFICE 365

New Approval Process

4. Enhancements in Document Printing

Optimise batch printing with enhanced selection criteria as well as gaining efficiencies in productivity and usability when printing a high number of documents

  • The selection criteria for document printing is enriched with additional options according to the selected document type
  • Form Settings window is added to the “Print ” window allowing the user to customize the column display 
  • The “Print ” window now supports table sorting and filtering
sap b1 printing

New Approval Process

5. Support Attachments Tab in Additional Objects

Better streamline system behaviour by managing attachments for additional objects

  • The Attachments Tab is now available in: Inventory Opening Balance*
  • Inventory Counting,
  • Inventory Posting*
  • Incoming Payments*
  • Outgoing Payments*
  • Check for Payments*
  • Deposit, Journal Entry
  • Production Order
  • Time Sheet* 

*Due to the addition of the Attachments tab, the Contents tab now holds the original details of the form/General tab

6. Support Expiration Date

Get a clearer view of your support expiration date which is now visible on your your SAP Business One Home Page

SAP Support

Clearer Support Expiration

7. Referenced Document Enhancements

Referenced documents will be extended across more SAP Business One modules along with better visibility when documents are referenced

  • You are now able to reference documents in Checks For Payment, Purchase Request, Goods Receipt & Issue, Inventory Transfer Request, and Inventory Transfer
  • Numeric indication for number of referenced documents 
  • Automatic referenced document creation from applicable marketing documents 
  • Recurring Postings can be referenced to a single document. This document contains a reference to each recurring posting created. The referenced by tab displays then the cross referencing to the recurring posting itself. 
  • Module-sorted list of documents to reference
Document Enhancements SAP

Referenced Document Enhancements

8. Field Length Increase

Certain field lengths are to be increased allowing for more flexibility and standardisation of internal field definitions.

  • Customer Group Name and Supplier Group Name may contain up to 100 characters 
  • The Item Group Name also supports 100 characters
Document Enhancements SAP

Referenced Document Enhancements

9. Tab-Level Authorizations in Master Data Records

Version 10 enables the administrator more accuracy in authorizing users based on tasks and responsibilities. Human error will decrease while productivity will increase.

  • Different authorizations can be granted to different tabs in Business Partner Master Data and Item Master Data 
  • If a user has no authorization for a given tab, this tab will be automatically hidden
SAP Master data Records

10. Posting Periods Enhancements

All businesses will be able to simplify and streamline the creation of new financial periods and businesses with long lists of posting periods will find better usability.


  • A new checkbox added to the Posting Periods window enables to define the default “Due Date To” to be set when creating new posting periods 
  • The sorting of columns is now possible within the Posting Periods form 
  • Filtering is now possible within the Posting Periods form 
  • The Find field allows for quick free-text searching 

Master Data Records

Document Enhancements SAP

Posting Period Enhancements

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