Why ERP Makes For Better Accountancy Software

Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

Business leaders and heads of finance departments are seeing real benefits in using ERP as an accountancy system.

As an accountant, you may think that accountancy software like Sage, QuickBooks Online or Xero are a great solution; after all they are user-friendly,  simple and feature-rich for an accountant’s point of view.

However, in any organization, the accounts team depends on having a full understanding of the business and being able to see it from many different angles.

This is necessary for multinational corporations, SME’s and start-ups alike. But as pure accounting software is great at certain things there are shortcomings for the accountant that wants to see the business as a whole.

From M&A transactions for large conglomerates to department directors of SME’s to founder roles within startups, all require a system that knows everything about what is going on company-wide. This means knowing all aspects of finance like procurement costs, stock levels and even how sales work so you can budget for effective marketing campaigns.

integrated system

“all departments require a system that knows everything about what is going on company-wide. This means knowing all aspects of finance like procurement costs, stock levels and even how sales work”

SAP Business One Software Solution Helps Smaller Companies Prepare For Growth

Accounting software for small businesses and start-ups are designed to handle the needs of smaller companies, but as their customer base expands they quickly find that these programs don’t provide them with all the features needed.

The problem is threefold:

  • Accounting software only handles bookkeeping and payroll
  • It’s not possible to sync up different systems such as CRM or inventory management without an expensive 3rd party integration solution
  • Some business expenses need be entered late in a process that breaks down data integrity.

SAP Business One is a software solution that helps smaller companies prepare for growth.

Working with your IT department we can help use the system to set up inventory tracking, customer and supplier databases, human resources management systems, financials including billing collections and payables as well as tracking fixed assets . Accounting at all levels of business operations from planning through forecasting to budgeting = an all in one integrated system.

SAP Business ONE – Accounting & So Much More

When you are thinking of upgrading your accountancy software it is time to consider SAP Business One. 

SAP Business One was designed for small and medium-size businesses with the idea that smaller companies need ERP software to help integrate key functions like financials, operations, and human resources (and across markets if they operate in more than one country). The kind of complexity can’t be served by this accountancy software alone.

Unlike large organisations who require a different kind of software, SAP Business One can do it all – from payroll to inventory management.

SAP’s modular functions are able to assist any company size by integrating all aspects of its operation through a variety of modules such as Sales & Distribution or Financial Reporting.

Bran Systems And Seidor Africa Help Implement, Integrate & Support Your SAP Business One Project

Bran Systems is an Extended Business Partner to Seidor Africa. Together, through Seidor Africa’s Partner Network Program, we provide SAP Business One to the entire Eastern Cape market. Bran Systems and Seidor Africa are putting ERP on the table for SME’s through a rapid deployment model. As a cost-effective option, we follow a templatized implementation approach to ERP that is easy to roll out, as well as more affordable in these tough times, thanks to a reduced consulting rate and industry configured templates with a defined roll-out timeline. 

After any project goes live we are there for your support and can help with permissions, upgrades and report generation.

SAP Business One ERP vs Stand-Alone Accounting Software

While small businesses can do well with accounting software, these programs may not be able to accommodate your company’s unique needs and will not give the accounts department a 360 view of the companies operations and budgeting.

Here are some reasons accountancy software can let you down compared to ERP


  • A lack of cohesive software systems creates an environment where individual employees and departments must scour through various documents across multiple platforms before they can enter any new data into their system; this not only wastes company time but also results in confusion about which documents have been updated and what changes should be made accordingly
  • The inability to easily and quickly analyse data hinders people from making important decisions in real-time. With the exception of exporting, you can’t do anything else with a report without going through an exhaustive process that takes up so much time it’s impossible for someone who needs to make quick decisions on what they need next.
  • With multiple systems comes an increased chance for human error when entering data manually into different programs or importing/exporting it between them, leading to mistakes like inaccurate numbers or duplicate records. Data is an important asset in any business, and keeping that data accurate as your company grows requires the use of a system you can rely on. 
  • The need to find other third party applications or expansive software development to integrate other business divisions into the accountancy software.

Cloud-Based ERP is Perfect for SME’s

Cloud-based SAP Business One is easy to implement and cost-effective for businesses to have a high-quality ERP systems. Gone are the days when you needed lots of expensive equipment and a large IT team.

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