A Big ERP Solution For Small Business

Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

After the pandemic, ERP is an excellent option for start-ups and small to medium businesses.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be incredibly helpful when running your own company – even more so during difficult economic conditions like those we are experiencing today with the recent global pandemic.

Contrary to popular belief, ERP is a great option for start-ups and small or medium businesses. In these tough times of the pandemic following behind it, this software could really make an impact on your business’s operations.

The pace of change has never been faster and this makes real time data incredibly important. The speed at which information is processed can make the difference between success and failure in a rapidly changing environment, so investing wisely now will ensure that your company continues to be successful for years to come.

With COVID-19 accelerating changes around us, it’s more crucial than ever before that we keep up with things as they happen or risk being left behind by our competition when everything shifts again tomorrow. An ERP system provides strategic investment right now in ensuring sustainability going forward.

integrated system

“COVID-19 has placed businesses under extreme pressure, ERP systems are proving to be invaluable in today’s remote working world”

Isn’t ERP Just For The Big Players?

A question that many entrepreneurs and SMEs ask themselves, however ERP is no longer just for big businesses. Seidor Africa and Bran System’s smart and time-saving implementation option, Seidor Express, was designed to help small companies grow their business without worrying about a slow implementation of an inefficient system that will waste both your money and energy.

Up until now the investment of ERP has been seen as too high with fast deployment systems being unaffordable by many smaller firms. But this may be set to change following recent news from African based company Seidor, who introduced a template based implementation option, which can be deployed within weeks rather than months cutting out any worries surrounding long term financial commitments or wasted time on implementing ineffective solutions.

The company has devised a rapid approach to ERP that is easy to roll-out, and more affordable in these tough times. Thanks to the reduced consulting rate available for this initiative as well as industry configured templates with defined timelines, companies can quickly implement their new solution without having any of those pesky implementation issues arise!

According to Heinrich de Leeuw, MD, Seidor Africa.

Our Express methodology allows businesses to configure their ERP solution to address their most pressing business pain points that often have resulted from the new realities of the market,” 

The template approach offers a number of attractive benefits, including fast implementation of best business practices, which enables customers to make faster decisions”

The solution is often implemented within a month, which minimizes the impact on business operations. This low disruption approach allows businesses to continue as usual and once it’s been fully deployed offers process harmony across all departments in your company with reduced implementation costs and operational expenditures.

Heinrich adds… “It is an ideal solution for companies that are ready to upgrade from a basic accounting system at a time when morphing to online channels and e-commerce will ensure sustainability and future growth of the business. In our experience, companies that are currently doing better than the rest are using technology to their advantage with an integrated, data-driven approach to their business.”

Seidor Express

Seidor Express offers you everything you need to operate your business at your fingertips: finance management; warehouse operations; inventory control & logistics planning; production scheduling and even simple tasks like cutting out spreadsheets are also included.

With the solution, you can enjoy a scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure.  The system is available in the cloud or installed locally (on premises) and caters for single users all the way up to large enterprises where multiple people will use it simultaneously; this enables businesses of any size greater flexibility when it comes time to scale their company’s operations according to demand without having one foot stuck in yesterday’s technology.

“COVID-19 has placed businesses under extreme pressure,” De Leeuw says. “ERP systems are proving to be invaluable in today’s remote working world. With our new approach, a client does not have to choose between buying a new delivery van or an ERP solution when both are critical to getting the business through these tough times. You’re getting a premium tool without paying a premium cost.”

Bran Systems And Seidor Africa Partnering To Bring You The Best in ERP Solutions

Seidor is rated the No 1 SAP® Business One Partner in Africa. Bran Systems is an Extended Business Partner to Seidor Africa. Together, through Seidor Africa’s Partner Network Program, we provide SAP Business One to the entire Eastern Cape market. Seidor Africa and Bran Systems are putting ERP on the table for SME’s through a rapid deployment model. 

We offer a suite of cloud-based solutions that can help your business grow, automate tasks and stay on top of inventory management. With our ERP solution, you’ll have access to real-time data across all aspects of your business – from accounting to customer service. You’ll also enjoy an intuitive interface with customizable dashboards that are easy to use and understand. And with the option to host everything in the cloud, there’s no need for expensive hardware or long implementation projects. It couldn’t be easier!

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