Are Multiple Software Services Holding You back?

Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

When it’s time for SME’s to grow, finding the extra capacity to drive and manage new growth is essential.

This is where ERP software can play a vital role in freeing up time, resources and maintaining momentum. 

As an example, your accounting software or the spreadsheets you used to get you where you are today may not provide you with the agility and tools you need to create and maintain growth or outperform your competitors.

Your next growth phase will need software that helps streamline key process,  integrates with all your business functions and grows with you.

man stressed with technology

“You next growth phase needs software that is agile not restrictive”

SaaS and Cloud Tech – The Double Edge Sword

It could be that your business has already started seeing growth from investing in Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud technology. This has certainly been a game-changer for SME’s, allowing them to access business management solutions at a lower cost of entry. It has also saved SME’s time and money on things like server maintenance and bespoke software development.

These new technologies have levelled the playing field for SME’s however they can become a double edge sword. Namely, they do not support all the areas of your business and the business functions that are software supported are usually not integrated with one another, using different systems, user interfaces, and training. 

SAP Business One – A True ERP

These SaaS and cloud based systems sometimes market themselves as “software that runs your business” or “business back-end solutions” or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. But many businesses that believe they are running a true ERP system with these services are in fact not. 

SME’s should be looking at the bigger growth picture, when investing in software and ERP, do you want to limit your growth and potentially halt your growth to restart the search for new systems? or Invest now in a system that is completely integrated and can truly manage all functional aspects of your business?

 SAP Business One is designed specifically for SME’s and will help you streamline your business processes and grow with you  

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