Is implementing an ERP system becoming simpler, faster and cheaper?

Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

On-Site Servers vs Cloud-Based ERP

It is true that implementing a new ERP system can be a complex process. Every project is unique and will have its own set of challenges. This is, of course, why partnering with an experienced team as we have here at Bran Systems is essential for the success of the overall project.

It is also true that the benefits that an ERP system would bring to the day to day operations of a business has always outweighed the potential size and complexity of implementation.

However, there is now even better news for the IT director or senior management team tasked with implementing a new ERP system. With the advance of more sophisticated Cloud computing the implementation process has now become much easier and a whole lot more flexible resulting in a smoother transition of systems and the ability to easily scale up or down when required.

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SAP B1 gives businesses the choice to employ their ERP system on-site or in the cloud.

Purchasing Hardware used to be the Only Choice

In the past the first stage of the ERP project was to purchase and install the computer servers which often would require specialist builds required for that specific implementation. This could result in an increase of project costs plus delays to delivery which would then have a knock-on effect for the rest of the project.

Acquiring your own servers also means maintenance with regular updates and patches to be installed. And as the ERP system improves along with new technology development servers need to keep up with the new “minimum requirements” which means scalability needs to be factored into future planning and budgets.

Enter Cloud-Based ERP

These days businesses have the choice of either on-premise servers or cloud-based ERP systems. Being cloud-based removes the need to acquire and install your own servers making implementation a lot easier, maintenance-free, easy to scale to your needs and more cost-effective. 

A More Flexible Choice

Another advantage of cloud-based ERP is that you can make revisions during the implementation of your new system. As the implementation process evolves it’s common for businesses to see other areas that would benefit from an ERP system such as real-time reporting. Being cloud-based means it is easy to expand resources or increase user licences for example.

Secure, Reliable and Cost Effective

The continued improvement in server security ensures that the cloud servers used by Bran Systems to implement ERP are quite often more secure than on-site hardware and boast 99.9% up-time which makes them more reliable too.

All of this goes to not only lower the initial cost of purchasing hardware but the on-going cost of maintenance and repair is also removed.

Implementation of a cloud-Based ERP can still be complex but the removal of in house servers does make it more efficient. However, it is highly advised that you partner a specialist like Bran Systems to ensure the project is completed successfully. Contact our experts for more information and a free ERP audit today

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