Does Your Business Fear New Technology?

Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

How can you overcome this and start to grow?

Implementing a new technology such as the latest in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system into your business can be unnerving for many leadership teams and will usually mean changes, both big and small across all departments. However, sophisticated ERP software like SAP Business One can also bring huge benefits to operation efficiency and your bottom line.

Some businesses embrace new technology and they are alive to changes within their industry and the wider environment. They understand the advantages latest tech innovations brings to ensure they are ahead of the curve. These businesses will often credit adapting to new tech as a major part of their success and growth within their industry.

On the other hand many business are slow in introducing new technologies and fear the changes that need to be made or believe the investment to be too high for the initial benefits it will bring. This often leaves these businesses with outdated systems that are manual,  time consuming, inefficient and open to costly mistakes. They may not see the same growth  as their competitors and falling behind now could mean it becomes very difficult and expensive to catch up.

Many businesses are aware of these risks but are still fearful of implementing new technology and an ERP system. Let’s have a look at some of those fears and some ways to overcome them.

man stressed with technology

Overcome Tech Fear

Possible New Technology Fears

  • Businesses can be set in their ways and indifferent to changing outdated systems. This complacent approach however is not the best mindset for growth 
  • New software implementation can mean re-positioning or finding extra budget. This makes for an easy decision to postpone or dismiss adopting new technology even if in reality an ERP system will create efficiencies and increase profits.  
  • Being unfamiliar with the latest in technology and its implementation makes it difficult to know where to begin and how the process works. Partnering with experienced SAP Business One ERP solution providers like Bran Systems will really help. 

How to approach these new technology fears 

  • If these possible fears resonate with you or your business think carefully about these following suggestions:

  • The easy decisions are not always the best decisions. This could be either putting off investing or choosing whatever system your competitors use. Research into the cost, how long it will take to implement, how much money and energy you will save and when you are likely to see a return in efficiency and profit.

  • Get information on the latest ERP systems for comparison and understand, in broad terms, how they work. This will help alleviate the trepidation of investing in new technology.

  • Find out about implementing projects in stages, this means you do not have to invest in everything at once and have time to become familiar with your new ERP system before expanding its capabilities.

The more you understand the less there is to be afraid of.

It is very natural for businesses to be fearful of change and taking on these fears is not an easy thing to do. Organisations that are thriving because of new technology probably faced similar concerns to yours at the early stages and would have done a lot of research before taking the first step. 

Bran Systems is here to help you by answering your questions and providing you with the right information needed to make an informed decision. Get in contact for an obligation-free call and we can take the first step together


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