6 Reasons Why Systems Integration Makes Business Sense

Neil van Niekerk, Business Development Executive

Today, more than ever, business leaders are realising the potential of integrating their operation systems

In an increasingly interconnected world, ensuring that your applications are every bit as connected has never been more important. Many companies begin life relying on a few seemingly solid essential applications before continuing to expand their horizons as they develop and grow. 

Whilst this is a reasonable approach for new businesses, we would always recommend that you seek to limit complexity as much as possible – by ensuring your systems integrate. This approach will help prevent lost time, rising costs and even systems failure, as it brings all the components together to create a cohesive, seamless set of processes. 

Here’s a closer look at six key reasons why your company should consider systems integration now: 

integrated system

by ensuring your systems integrate will help prevent lost time, rising costs and even systems failure, as it brings all the components together to create a cohesive, seamless set of processes. 

1. Greater Effeciency

No matter what sphere your company operates within, there’s a good chance you need to manage multiple areas at once. From invoicing to inventory or even day to day customer management, even the best software for handling these tasks could falter if not running at optimum efficiency. 

Systems integration provides a centralised means of bringing together all the applications which you use for these complex tasks and prevents lost work time and lost data caused by sluggish solutions. It, therefore, adds considerable efficiency to your operating methods, allowing you to reap the rewards with more time to spend on other roles and building the business. 

2. Greater Accuracy

More accurate data is what all companies seek – but getting there can be surprisingly complicated. Manual data entry has its place, but it is also fraught with errors due to the sheer mundanity of the process. 

Not only does manually entering important data take up lots of your time, but it also introduces the possibility of errors and therefore possible losses. By automating your systems, you can help to mitigate errors and boost your accuracy from the get-go. 

3. Better Reporting

Integrated systems arrange data exchange in real time, so there’s no lag between an event and data capture relating to it. Instead, you’ll immediately be able to access all the facts and figures you need to draw meaningful conclusions, which can in turn help generate insights which benefit the company. 

By leveraging this data from multiple different sources at once, managers will be able to see a clearer picture of the business and therefore not only plan ahead more efficiently but feel empowered to become more agile and imaginative. 

4. More Collaboration

A collaborative environment is a desirable state of affairs for most contemporary companies, as it allows great ideas to rise to the top. Systems integration also goes hand in hand with collaborative workforces, as it allows your organisation to collate and assign tasks in a more responsive, speedy way. 

5. Customer Satisfaction Boost

Sales and greater customer satisfaction are also a major benefit of greater integration, as it helps to eliminate confusion from the ground up. Not only will your workforce understand their assigned tasks with more clarity, but they will also be able to respond to customer problems more efficiently. 

6. Improve Data Security

The average company holds a vast wealth of data about their customer base. By carrying out a thoughtful systems integration, you’ll be able to ensure the integrity of this data at all levels. This in turn helps to reassure customers and ultimately help improve your turnover – providing yet one more reason to explore integration today.

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