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Simplify Your Year-End Business Processes

Are your business systems struggling to cope with the year-end crunch?

Reduce your year-end difficulties and improve productivity by implementing effective processes and automation systems.

Year-end is always a busy time for businesses. As hectic as inventory tracking, financial reporting and annual planning may be, these year-end tasks are significantly easier to complete when the correct processes and systems are in place. Automated business management systems can simplify a number of processes relating to stock, taxes, financials, budgets, personnel and more; and are proven to deliver powerful solutions that drive efficiency and improved productivity.

Simplify your year-end processes across these four critical areas:

Project & Task Management

In the midst of the year-end rush, it’s not uncommon for businesses to make unnecessary mistakes that undermine teamwork and waste valuable resources. The correct system can help prevent these issues by allowing for an easy, centralised assignment of team members’ roles and responsibilities; thereby promoting accountability, productivity and business efficacy.

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking, counting and forecasting is easy when the right systems are in place. This is because these intelligent systems compel businesses to adopt a constant and consistent approach to inventory management, as opposed to only giving it thought on a quarterly, annual or ad hoc basis.

Financial Management

In contrast to accounting-only systems where managers and departmental heads submit their spreadsheets and reports individually, centralised systems allow for an effortless consolidation of financials. This is achieved by integrating different departments and information sources into a single system that is easy to populate and maintain and that saves time while reducing the risk of human error.

Report Management

An integrated business management system will help streamline the frenetic year-end reporting process. With this system, business owners can customise their reports and configure dashboards to easily access the most important information. In addition to simplified custom reporting, year-end reports can be interpreted with ease to provide a real-time overview and data-driven forecasts.

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"The most powerful thing about SAP Business One is the serial number tracking aspect of the system. So we’re able to go back and look at the history of any item. We can literally track the product from the beginning to the end"

Wynand Langehoven
CEO of Peripheral Vision